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        Ladies and Gentlemen, Mesdames et Messieurs, Signore e Signori ...
Born and raised in one of the nicest areas on this planet-right in the heart of Switzerland, near Lu- cerne. School and teacher-education. Real life started, when getting into tourism, being a free-lance part-time tourleader (Kuoni!) and a profes- sional tourguide for Hotelplan.

Tourguide/Resident Manager:
approx. 1966/67-1984
Italy   Spain      France      Germany    Austria         Holland      Great Britain       Scandinavia (including the Hurtig-Route)                 Russia & Turkey         

Ceylon (now Sri Lanka)      Maledives            India                Nepal     Thailand      Laos        Cambodia   Malaysia    Indonesia    Phillipines             Singapore & Hongkong

Morocco     Algeria         Egypt       Senegal         Gambia     Togo    Dahomey (now Benin) Upper Volta (now Boukina Faso)     Ivory Coast     Ghana         Cameroune     Kenya     Tanzania        Uganda & South Africa

USA, Alaska & Canada                                        USA, Alaska & Canada

Mexico    Haiti      Domenican Republic     Cuba       Jamaica     Barbedos     Antigua      Grenada     Trinidad & Tobago       San Juan      Guadeloupe    Martinique     Curaçao      Aruba    Bonaire      Turc & Caicos Islands & The Bahamas

Contracting Manager: 1984-1987
West-, East & South Africa, Caribbean Islands, Australia, Asia, North America

Product Manager: 1987-2001
USA (including Alaska) Canada, later completed by Central- & South America

Senior Vice President: 2001-2003
Part of Hotelplan’s CEO personal staff, respons- able for the Group’s-International Strategy, when I decided: that’s it – fairly well done!

Since 2004 enjoying the live of a „jubilado“
(sounds more enterprising than pensioner! ...

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